About us

About us

SativaSana are your guarantee for quality Full Spectrum Hemp oils and hemp related products. We have spent the time on finding professional suppliers and manufacturers, that live up to our high standard and guarantee our customers safety and that the content in the products are of highest quality.
We pride ourselves in our service and are ready to follow you through your first step if you have never tried cannabis product’s before. As well as making it our first priority to keep ourselves up to date on the latest research in this area, to ensure the knowledge that are needed to give you qualified advice.
We take your order serious and make sure to process all orders within the day.
We will ship your package at the following workday after the order has been made, orders made before 6pm on a workday will be shipped the same day to addresses within Spain.

Who are we?

SativaSana is a small family business consisting of Maria Norrsveden and Rikke Susanne Hrab.
Our motivation for opening SativaSana was triggered by our own experience of family and friends up close who got seriously ill and never really managed to recover or get better with traditional medical help.
From fibromyalgia to stroke and cancer so many parts of our health-system seems to have failed people. We have had it up close and know the frustration of seeing the people you love in pain and despair. We strongly believe that nature has more to offer as a supplement to our traditional health system.
SativaSana was born.

Please feel welcome to visit our webpage and see what we can offer. We have a wide range of products, and are working on expanding the range over time. If you have any specific request, do not hesitate to let us know, your opinion and wishes matters to us!

Please come by and say hello to us in our physical store if you are in the area, we are always ready for a small chat about medical cannabis, the cannabinoids and how it may help you.

Our physical store is:

The Natural Corner.
Calle Marconi 41,
29640 Fuengrola

Contact us at:

[email protected]

Or click here to visit our facebook page.